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What is my purpose in life? What is the right next step for me? How can I go on after this loss? These are the kinds of tough questions we each ponder at times in our lives. Sometimes we sense a need to discuss our challenges on a spiritual (though not necessarily religious) level with someone we can trust. My call as an ordained interfaith minister and certified spiritual director is to be that trusted companion on your spiritual journey, helping you find answers to those pressing questions. My intention is to offer a nonjudgmental listening presence and to serve as a source of validation and affirmation as you travel your unique path.

I bring to this work a lifelong background as a professional writer. I came to ministry in midlife, and am a trained hospital chaplain and workshop leader as well. I am open to working with anyone, but I am especially called to serve writers, artists and other creative people; the LGBT community; and people who live with chronic illness and/or disability. Feel free to contact me for a conversation to see if we “click.” If not, I will be glad to refer you to a colleague I believe might better suit your needs. Take heart! Help is available. Reach out and find a hand already outstretched toward yours.

What Clients Say About Hollis:

“Hollis effortlessly, fearlessly accompanied me wherever I needed a spiritual companion: into the intellect, the spirit, into dreams, emotions, questions, and doubts. Each time we met, my frayed spirit was calmed, and I left the session with at least one solid new insight or perfect resource for my needs.”


Contact Information:

Rev. Hollis Walker
East Bay Area and Santa Fe, N.M.
(505) 577-6763 (please put "spiritual direction" in subject line)